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Author: Debbie Wiseman

NewfoundPod Episode 7 – Ghost Stories of St. John’s.

This week, I bring you part one of my Halloween series on the spookier side of Newfoundland – Ghost stories from St. John’s.


Dale Jarvis books


Dale Jarvis books

Hex Colors Of The Newfoundland Flag

Hex Colors Of The Newfoundland Flag

I googled this and couldn’t find it, so in case anyone else is looking for it:

The hex colors for the Newfoundland flag (Green, White, Pink)
Green: #009900
White: #FFFFFF
Pink: #FF99CB

Episode 6 – Dorothy Wyatt

Dorothy Wyatt was the first female councillor and first female mayor of St. John’s. She’s one of only two female mayors in the 115 year history of the city council. She actually had a lot of “firsts” in her life. I read that she rejected the label “pioneer”, but I think that’s exactly what she was. She blazed the trail for women in so many ways.

Thanks again to Dorothy’s daughter Lorelei for contributing!

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Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a lot of photos or video of Dorothy online.


15 Second Promo For NewfoundPod

Here’s a promo for the podcast that any other podcasters can use to promote me if they want! See how much talking I can fit into 15 seconds.


Episode 5: The Newfoundland Herald

Episode 5: The Newfoundland Herald

The Newfoundland Herald

The Newfoundland Herald is a weekly TV guide and magazine published in St. John’s. It’s been published for 71 years, debuting in March 1946 as the Sunday Herald and sold for 5 cents. This is the story of The Newfoundland Herald and it’s creator, Geoff Stirling.


Episode 4: The 1929 Tidal Wave In Burin, Newfoundland

On November 18, 1929, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.2 occurred on the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, about 400 kilometers off shore. It was felt as far away as New York City and Montreal. Newfoundland itself did not have a seismograph or tide gauge which could have warned of the tsunami. Earthquakes are so rare in Newfoundland that people were very frightened and not sure what to think when furniture shook and dishes came crashing off of shelves. The tremors were reported to have lasted 5 minutes. Some people thought it might have been an explosion nearby. But they didn’t know the worst was yet to come.


Land & Sea Archive Extra: Storm of 66

Since I am on a bit of a disaster kick, my sister sent me this CBC video, of another disaster that I hadn’t heard about.

Land & Sea archive extra: Storm of 66
A winter storm wiped out most of the stages in Petty Harbour and the Outer Battery

Episode 3 – The 1775 Newfoundland Hurricane

Episode 3 – The 1775 Newfoundland Hurricane

The 1775 Newfoundland Hurricane

The 1775 Newfoundland Hurricane cost 4000 lives, but is largely ignored by our history books. I take a look at this storm, with eyewitness reports from the time. On a lighter note, I tell you about the mermaids that showed up in St. John s Harbour and why we probably aren’t living side by side with mer-people today. (more…)

Live 24 Hour Webcam of St. John’s Harbour

CBC just set up this webcam, it’s at The Rooms and shows the view of St. John’s Harbour. Not sure how long it will be up, but I hope it’s a permanent thing!

Episode 2 – Newfoundland? Tell Me More! With a side of Chase the Ace


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