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Episode 17 – Lovely Mummers

Crazy week here, but I got this episode finished….I did forget my intro though!

Here is the link to the “Lovely Mummers” Indigogo page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lovely-mummers-horror#/

A horror home invasion short film blending Newfoundland folklore with the tradition of Mummering.

Please support if you can! I really want to see this movie get made!

Episode 16 – Ireland and Newfoundland

This weekend is St. Patrick’s Day, and that got me thinking about how closely related Newfoundland and Ireland are. Our flags, our music, our accents, our looks, our beliefs, even the look of the land are so similar, that Irish author Tim Pat Coogan has said “Newfoundland is the most Irish place in the world outside of Ireland. Today I’m going to talk about those similarities and the effect of our Irish ancestors on our province.

Here are the photos and videos I mentioned on the episode: (more…)

Episode 15: Vera Perlin, An Extraordinary Newfoundlander

Episode 15: Vera Perlin, An Extraordinary Newfoundlander


A classroom from 1950 on Patrick Street.
Vera Perlin receives the Order of Canada
Vera Perlin Society
1960 article about Mrs. Perlin
Letter to Mrs Perlin explaining why this lady worked hard to make sure funding went to the school.

Articles and photos come from the Vera Perlin Society website, listed below.

Sources and Links

(Note: The language regarding special needs children reflects the language at the time, and may offend you, so proceed with caution. None of the language is used in an insulting way, it was just the language used at the time.)

Vera Perlin Society
Tripod Bio
The Button Shop
Louise Beck, fired for being married (!) becomes a teacher at Vera Perlin

Episode 14 – The Giant Squid of Newfoundland

Newfoundland holds a few Guinness World Records: the first trans-Atlantic flight, the first European settlers in North America, the earliest record of animal tracks (from 565 million years ago) and the world’s largest squid. This episode is about those devil fish, those Kraken, those giant squid. Squids?



Sizable squid in Glovers Harbour, N.L





http://collections.mun.ca/cdm/ref/collection/quarterly/id/34801 The Newfoundland Quarterly, volume 65, no. 3 (Summer 1967)

Fitzgerald, Jack. “Newfoundland Adventures: in Air, on Land, at Sea.” Newfoundland Adventures: in Air, on Land, at Sea, Creative Publishers, 2006, pp. 50–71.

PT Barnum was a monster.

Newfoundpod Episodes 12 & 13: My Christmas Traditions, Newfoundland Traditions

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday. Today, I’m going to tell you about my own Christmas traditions and some Newfoundland Christmas traditions, some that have stuck around and most that have gone away.

ARCHIVAL MOMENTS: Tippling on Tibb’s Eve
Christmas in Black & White


Encyclopedia of Newfoundland
Divination by Melting Lead
Rock Recipes – Cold Plate
The Wren
Mummers Festival
Five Festive Celebrations in Newfoundland and Labrador

NewfoundPod Episode 11 – Newfoundland Mummers

Mummering in Newfoundland can be traced back to the early 1800s, and was brought here by our Irish and English ancestors. So what is mummering? During the 12 days of Christmas, a group of people, usually family and friends, dress up in costumes and visit homes in their communities. If they are lowed in (and they are usually lowed in) they put on a performance that includes dancing, playing music (hopefully someone brought their accordion) singing and telling jokes. Meanwhile, the homeowners try to guess who is in the costumes, and once they guess correctly, they can offer them food or drink. The mummers, or jannies as they are known in some places, stay a while before leaving for the next house.

The costumes themselves were never anything elaborate. They were just designed to keep people from guessing who you are. Men dressed as women, women dressed as men. They wore their underwear on the outside. They borrowed someone else’s clothes because they might get recognized in their own. They’d wear flour sacks on their heads with holes cut out for the eyes.


Episode 10 – Bob Cole is re-uploaded

For some reason, the end of the episode was cut off. I have re-uploaded it now and it should work.

NewfoundPod Episode 10: Bob Cole

Bob Cole is an announcer for NHL Hockey Night In Canada. At 84, Bob is semi-retired but still calls games from time to time on Sportsnet. He’s been broadcasting hockey in some form, including the NHL regular season and playoffs and the Olympics, for about 50 years. He won a Gemini award in 2007 for his play-by-play and was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1996, winning the Foster Hewitt Memorial Award for Broadcast Excellence. He’s in the Newfoundland Hockey Hall of Fame. He received an honorary doctorate from Memorial University of Newfoundland and in 2016 was appointed to the Order of Canada. On this episode, I tell you about his legendary broadcasting career, but also tell you a little about the man himself.


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Cole, Bob; Brunt, Stephen. Now I’m Catching On: My Life On and Off the Air. Penguin Canada. Kindle Edition.
Purchase here.

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Episode 009: Happy Halloween!

In this third episode of my Halloween series, I’m going to share a few stories from Newfoundland folklorist Dale Jarvis. If you can’t tell, my allergies are really kicking my butt, and have been for a while. I won’t subject you to my scratchy voice too much, so Dale will step in.

I have three stories for you. The first is The White Horse, from his book Haunted Waters. The second is the Whistling Ghost of Labrador and the third one is the story of Paddy Mahoney, both from his book Haunted Shores. All Dale’s books are available at Flanker Press or at Amazon:

Dale Jarvis Books at Amazon.ca

A Quick Note On A Change To The Podcast

Hello, just a quick note this week from me about the podcast. I’m going to be changing things up a bit. First of all, the Halloween episode will be released on Tuesday. After that, I’m going to start releasing episodes every 2 weeks. Believe it or not, this little podcast is actually a lot of work. I didn’t realize how much work until I got into it. I don’t know how people release long episodes weekly. But, I do this all on my own, and I love doing it, and I don’t ever want to feel like it’s a burden, or that I’m rushing to tell the stories. Maybe when I’m a more experienced podcaster, it won’t take me so long to write, record & edit, and I can go back to a weekly format, but for now, I think this is what will work best for me. I’m also changing the release day to Tuesday. So after the Halloween episode, I’ll be back with a new episode on November 14th.

Thanks so much for your support, I really appreciate it!