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Newfoundpod 26: 48 Horror Film Challenge, The Foran Hotel & Mrs Dower

This time, more spookiness! I tell you (well, Elling Lien tells you) about the Nickel Festival’s 48 Hour Horror Film challenge. Then I tell two classic Newfoundland ghost stories.

Thanks so much for listening today. I hope you all enjoyed it.

Links for today’s episode:
Nickel Festival’s 48 Hour Horror Film challenge
TintOfInk.com interview with me!

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I’ll be back again very soon with more spookiness. And I’ll have some news on some exciting things happening with the podcast.

Episode 25 – The Balcony by Keith Daniels – Happy Halloween!

Hello, and welcome back to NewfoundPod, a bite-sized podcast about Newfoundland. This is episode 25 – Happy Halloween!



Yes, it’s my favourite time of year again. Last year, I shared with you some spooky folktales from Newfoundland. This year, I’ll be doing that again, but this week, I wanted to do something a little different. This episode, I am going to read a spooky story written by a Newfoundland author. His name is Keith Daniels and he’s written a few short and scary stories. Keith’s stories take place in Newfoundland. This one ties into another one I heard being narrated recently and linked below. Keith’s website is KDanielsAuthor.Wordpress.com. His work is fantastic and I hope I can do this story justice.

Just a warning. This story contains some colourful language. I was going to ask permission from Keith to change it so I could maintain my clean rating, but I don’t really feel comfortable asking an author if I can change their words. So I’m leaving it in. I’ll be cursing a few times, so if you aren’t okay with that, please stop listening and come back next week. But I hope you do stay and give it a chance. I know some of you listen with kids so I wanted to include the warning. (more…)

Episode 24 – 9/11 In Newfoundland

Tuesday will mark the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on the United States. Over 200 planes were diverted from the US to Canada, and over 70 of those planes landed in Newfoundland and Labrador. There was no plan in place for this type of thing. At the time, it just wasn’t something people thought could happen.

At the airport in St. John’s, 27 planes landed, carrying over 4,000 passengers and crew. 38 planes ended up in Gander. Over 6,000 people ended up stranded in the town, which almost doubled its population in one day.

This is the story of how the province reacted.

Nick and Diane Marson of Houston, Texas, who fell in love in Newfoundland as a result of the 9-11 terrorist attack
Nick and Diane Marson of Houston, Texas, who fell in love in Newfoundland as a result of the 9-11 terrorist attack, are featured in a new HBO Canada documentary, which will have a special showing in Gander on Saturday and will premiere in Toronto on Tuesday, the 17th anniversary of 9-11. – Contributed to The Telegram

Episode 23 – Mary Dohey

Mary Dohey isn’t a household name in Newfoundland, and it seems like that’s the way she wanted it. But Mary, who passed away last year at the age of 83, was an extraordinary person. She was the first living person to receive the Canadian Cross of Valour. That’s the highest honour that the country awards for acts of bravery. She helped save the lives of over 100 people after a man took a plane hostage, in what would become known as The Doomsday Flight.



Mary Dohey – Hijacking Interview – May12,1988 from ACFamily Network on Vimeo.

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Episode 22 – Cats & Cabot

Today I talk about the cancellation of NightLine, the Mad Catter Cafe and Discovery Day.